MoCap Central is an indie motion capture studio creating professional animation content for game developers. We're located in Utah (USA) and our team has 25+ years of animation experience working at AAA game dev studios. As a popular Unreal Marketplace Publisher we've created a community listening to the animation needs of indie game developers.

Our Tech & Skills:

  • We work with the Unreal 5 Mannequin & MetaHuman characters
  • We have our own in-house high quality optical motion capture studio (Optitrack)
  • Ability to capture 2 actors at a time for perfectly synced performances
  • We have a high quality mobile mocap system to capture anywhere (MVN Link suit)
  • We can track weapons and interactable props
  • We can capture facial performances with Unreal's Live Link pipeline
  • We do animation retargeting & performance cleanup
  • We have access to local stunt actors for weapon and fighting sequences

Need our help?

For animation contract enquiries please send us a message, we like working with creative teams!