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Mocap Studio Series - Dungeon Life Pack

Mocap Studio Series - Dungeon Life Pack

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The Dungeon Life pack delivers 650+ realistic motion captured performances to bring your characters and fantasy world to life in your project. This huge pack covers many animation sets such as Sword & Shield, Mage Staff, Orc Hammer, Torch Hold, Conjure Magic and many more. All MoCap Central Studio Series packs work together with matching idle poses allowing you to have seamless transitions across packs. Join our active Discord community where we listen to the needs of indie devs and give away free animations weekly.

Key Features:
  • 650+ animations
  • Clean start/end poses to ensure a smooth transition between animations
  • Male performances, neutral enough to work for a female
  • Includes multiple demo levels to view all the animations
  • Weapons can be attached to the weapon_r bone, also contains attachment sockets
  • 30FPS
  • Animated fingers
  • Clean file naming with performance variations
  • All animations use Root Motion, also has In-Place versions (NoRM suffix)
  • Performances captured on a high quality optical motion capture system used for AAA games
  • MoCap Central Studio Series packs can be used together as they share the same transition poses

Animations Included:

  • Staff = 136 anims
  • Sword Shield = 121 anims
  • Orc Hammer = 107 anims
  • Undead = 93 anims
  • Orc = 32 anims
  • Conjure - 10 anims
  • Float - 5 anims
  • Torch Hold = 45 anims
  • Guard - 34 anims
  • LayFloor - 6 anims
  • Worship = 13 anims
  • Hang Wrists - 7 anims
  • Stand Tribal = 11 anims
  • Sit Floor = 19 anims
  • Stand Look = 11 anims
  • Ready = 1 anim
  • Stand = 1 anim
  • See full animation list here (numbers above also include 188 In-Place versions)


  • Unreal 5.0 project - supporting engine versions 5.0-5.4
    • Animated specifically for UE5's latest SK_Mannequin
    • Pack contains the Animation assets and the SK_MCUE5 skeleton which is compatible with the UE5 Mannequin skeleton
    • Includes Blendspaces for 8 directions strafes, Aim Offsets and Animation Blueprint
    • Animations can be retargeted to MetaHuman characters, see tutorial here
  • Unity 2022.3 Package
    • Unity Humanoid character included for easy animation retargeting
    • Demo scenes and animation controllers
  • FBX source files included
    • FBX RAW skeletal animation files for import into other 3d animation software


  • The UE5 Mannequin character seen in the promotional images and videos is not included. The free UE5 Mannequin Pack can be downloaded from the Unreal Marketplace here.


  • v1.03 - New Anims - Run fast for Sword/Shield and Staff, Guard Spear sleep, Staff relaxed idle, Sword/Shield various sheath/unsheathe weapons, Staff sheath/unsheathe, Orc walk strafes. Hand weapons can now be attached to the weapon_r bone instead of using sockets. Updated undead turn in place anims so root is facing forward at the start.
  • v1.02 - New Anims - Jump, Fall and Land animations for Sword & Shield, Staff and Hammer
  • v1.01 - New Anims - Sword Attack, Multiple 8 Directional Movement Sets, Staff Casts with Aim Offsets (106 animations added)
  • v1.00 - Original Release
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Customer Reviews

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I like the pack, however it has some problems.
1. In the heavy orc anim pack , there is no weight to the weapon, it is supposed to be heavy weapon like hammer, but you can tell mocap actor was holding something very light so none of the motions carries any weight
2. you can cleary see how mocap actor assisted himself during all falls so they also lack impact
3. No attacks from run in any set unfortunately, however this is common to almost all anim packs

Hi Dawid, your feedback is very important, thank you for taking the time to complete a review. Your points are valid and we will look into improving the acting for wielding a heavy weapon and creating more impressive fall impacts. We haven't ventured into running attacks yet as it usually requires a layered animation approach, we would like to better understand the types of attacks you would like to see, Feel free to join our Discord server for more detailed requests Thank you for being a MoCap Central customer!