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Mocap Studio Series - Sample Pack | FREE

Mocap Studio Series - Sample Pack | FREE

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A FREE Sample Pack of 50+ fun high quality realistic human performances created on an Unreal 5 Mannequin compatible skeleton. Animations can also be imported into Unity, see compatibility section below. Join our active Discord community where we listen to the needs of indie devs and give away free animations weekly.

Key Features

  • Clean start/end poses to ensure a smooth transition between animations
  • Male performances, neutral enough to work for a female
  • Includes demo level to view all the animations
  • 30FPS
  • Animated fingers
  • Clean file naming with performance variations
  • Performances captured on a high quality optical motion capture system used for AAA games
  • MoCap Central Studio Series packs can be used together as they share the same transition poses

Animations Included:

  • Ball Balance = 1
  • Staff Cinematic Entrance = 1 (Dungeon Life Pack)
  • Hands on Hips Dance = 13
  • Power Drill = 3 (Fix & Build Pack)
  • Drunk = 3
  • Paired Fight = 4
  • Idles = 5 (Core Motion Pack)
  • Hammer Hold Strafes = 16 (Dungeon Life Pack)
  • Prone Crawl = 3 (Danger Pack)
  • Swagger Walk = 2
  • Use Vending Machine = 3


  • Unreal 5.0 project - supporting engine versions 5.0-5.4
    • Animated specifically for UE5's latest SK_Mannequin
    • Pack contains the Animation assets and the SK_MCUE5 rig (MoCap Central Character) which is compatible with the UE5 Mannequin.
    • Animations can be retargeted to MetaHuman characters, see tutorial here
    • Skeleton IK joints are animated
  • FBX source files included
    • These are FBX RAW skeletal animation files
  • Unity Compatibility
    • The animation FBX Source Files can be imported into Unity as Humanoid animations. Use the FREE Unity Package here to simplify the process and ensure the animations look great on your Unity characters.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Charkrid Pornpitackchaikul
Very good mocap animation package

All animations are professionally cleaned up and easy to import into Unity using the Free Unity package. The performance is also great. It is not too generic, not too expressive, or too characterized, but it still delivers a mood and feel of the action just right for many use cases.

Thank you the team for such a great work.

Dawid Bujak
Very nice

Good quality and nice variation