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Unreal 5.3 Tutorial - Retarget to Synty | FREE

Unreal 5.3 Tutorial - Retarget to Synty | FREE

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Retarget UE5, UE4 and Mixamo animations to a Synty Studios legacy skeleton using this FREE Unreal project pack!

IMPORTANT: This retargeting pack was created to work with the legacy Synty skeletons, be aware that Synty is presently working through their packs and supplying a UE4 compatible skeleton. Check Synty's product page Change Log to see if your pack has already been updated to the UE4 skeleton. Also, Unreal's 5.4 updated retarget system allows you to retarget to the updated Synty UE4 character skeletons without using this pack.

Key Features:

  • Includes Unreal Engine 5.3 project with everything you need, has been briefly tested with Unreal 5.4 and it seems to work since tbe V1.09 update
  • With a couple of easy retargeting steps your Synty Studio characters, both Polygon and Simple versions will be animating using your existing UE5, UE4 or Mixamo animations
  • Includes IKRig files along with working Retargeters
    • Includes a Control Rig for the Synty Polygon compatible character allowing you to adjust animations for your Synty characters
    • Retarget animations between:


    • V1.09 - fixed Pole Vector Matching issue noticeable in Unreal 5.4
    • V1.08 - fixed twist issue on Synty character legs when using the control rig, added arrows to the MC SynPoly character legs as reference for legs rotations, upgraded to an Unreal 5.3 project
    • V1.07 - added Synty Mech and Synty Knight (Synty old) skeleton with retargeters, fixed Mix to UE5 retarget mapping so UE5 twist joints didn't break mesh
    • V1.06 - renamed files for an easier flow, created Synty Simple compatible skeletons. Create new tutorial video
    • V1.05 - added MCPaul4 skeleton compatible with UE4 skeleton
    • V1.04 - fixed mesh skin weighting on right wrist
    • V1.03 - added a Simple control rig with IK arms/legs
    • V1.02 - added Mixamo skeleton compatibility
    • V1.00 - Original release
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Works As Advertised Now

    Spoke to the dev and he updated the models. Very responsive and reasonable. Would remove old review but can't seem to find a button.

    Shaun Neal
    Does exactly what it says it does

    Works great - worth every penny :)

    Hey Shaun, glad you found the pack helpful!