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Unreal 5 Tutorial - Retarget to Synty | Free

Unreal 5 Tutorial - Retarget to Synty | Free

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Easily retarget MoCap Central or any UE5 Mannequin animation to a Simple skeleton such as the amazing low poly Synty Studio characters.

Key Features:

  • Includes Unreal Engine 5.2 asset pack with everything you need
  • With a couple of easy retargeting steps your Synty Studio characters will be animating using your existing UE5 animations
  • No more messing around finding tutorials online
  • Includes IKRig, Retargeter, UE5 compatible skeleton and Synty compatible skeleton
  • Latest version (V1.02) added Mixamo compatible skeleton and retargeters. Import a Mixamo fbx animation file and assign it the SK_MC_AvatarMix_Skeleton. You can now use the following retargeter files:
    • RTG_Mix_MCSimple - retarget Mixamo animations to a Synty compatible skeleton.
    • RTG_MCPaul_Mix - retarget UE5 Mannequin animations to a Mixamo compatible skeleton. Great for devs who use Mixamo to Auto Rig their character mesh and want to use UE5 Mannequin animations


  • V1.02 - added Mixamo skeleton compatibility
  • V1.00 - Original release
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